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06/2020 - COLLABORATION/COMMISSION -Scot Cotterell X Contemporary Art Tasmania Hood & Print.

06/2020 - INTERVIEW/SCORE - S5E3: 25 Years of the CAT Curatorial Mentorship. produced and edited by Lisa Campbell Smith, additional editing and mixdown by Brendan Walls. Additional sounds for this episode come from Scot Cotterell – Sonic Systematics, Live at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery for Hobiennale, 2017 and Selena de Carvalho, whose work is featured in the 2020 Curatorial Mentorship exhibition, re-member.

p> 04/2019 - COMMISSION - WRITING - JAMIN - FLOATING POINT.> UNEARTHED - Live at Hibernian House Sydney 2003 for Frequency Lab.> UNEARTHED - Shitstorm (Counterfeit version) used as backdrop for Liberate P's Oc(t)ygen, 2016.> Soundklub 17, Studio 65, Bar 3/65 Hobart Nov 24> EVENT PAGE ------------------------- OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bangkok Underground Film Festival, Sunday 30th September. Showing 'Romantic Conceptualism' single screen version> BUFF WEBSITE ------------------------- p> Bangkok Biennial - Jam Pavillion - Paper Speakers residency> p> p> Bangkok Biennial - Jam Pavillion - Experimental Edge w/ Breadth, Beam Wong, Silence O & Andreea Hriscu Art, Tommy Hanson & Paponpat Weerawit > Bangkok Biennial - Jam Pavillion - Sonic Excursion w/ Pisitakun, Matt Warren, LTB > ARTFORUM GUEST SPEAKER - University of Tasmania - School of Creative Arts Nov 2017> http://www.utas.edu.au/creative-arts/art Live In Armana - w/ Evil Goat. MONAFOMA Festival 2018> Live @ MAC Moonah Arts Centre - MONAFOMA Festival 2018> SOUND PERFORMANCE: @GASP, NEW YEARS EVE for GASP LIGHT> p> SOUND PERFORMANCE: @TMAG, for HOBIENNALE, SONIC SYSTEMATICS> p> PUBLICATION: Weightless Lift, for BABF, BKK. w Poop press and RXX Riso Bkk> p> RELEASE/INTERVIEW: UNDERVOLT&Co. (NYC) SUMMER FEATURE ARTIST SERIES > p> CURATE/MEDIA: REALTIME (AUS) Isabel Lewis, Occasions @ Contemporary Art Tasmania> p> CURATE: Isabel Lewis, Occasions @ Contemporary Art Tasmania> p> DARKMOFO - THE LAST BASTION #5 - PERFORMANCE #5/5 Sunday 18 June 2017, 7:00pm - 11:00pm Featuring: Evil Goat, Lake Myer, Art Ensemble, Axe Giant, Matt Warren.> p> Mofo Festival, Hobart Tasmania Jan 20> p> Société des Arts Technologiques: MONTREAL 2 -25 NOV> p> 12 NOV 2016 - 12 JAN 2017 NSW AUS> SPEEDY GRANDMA SPEEDY GRANDMA *NEXT 27 AUG - 11 September- SOLO@Speedy GrandmaShitstorm (Counterfeit version) Bangkok, Thailand, Curator Pisitakun Kuntalaeng

BORG Biennial, Belgium

BORG *NEXT 2-11 September- BORG Biennial event of contemporary art Antwerp, Belgium ABC RADIO 936. 14.6.16 ABC ONLINE 14.6.16 Article here *NEXT* 10-19 June - Brainstorm - New works - University of Tasmania, TCOTA - for Darkmofo.net.au *NEXT 3 June- Manpower International Arts Festival, Rua Poço dos Negros, Lisboa Portugal

Fujian Museum, China.

*NEXT - EVILGOAT Live av Performance @ Grand Poobah, Hobart *NEXT - 15 - 17 JAN 2016 Project for a New American Century - @ FAUXMO for MOFO Festival *NEXT - 27 NOV CAT Members' Show - Hobart. *DONE - The Wrong (again) Digital Biennale - curated pavillion. *SOON - HAUNTS Live av Performance w Warren, Harper suppt. Omahara @ Visual Bulk Hobart 30th Jan *JUST DONE - 14-15 NOV. Bridgeport, Connecticut. 15 Terrains @ American Fabrics - curated by Crystal Heiden. *DONE - PENNY CONTEMPORARY SOLO HOBART ABC RADIO 936. 14.6.16 ABC ONLINE 14.6.16 Article here *NOW* 10-19 June - Brainstorm - New works - University of Tasmania, TCOTA - for Darkmofo.net.au http://darkmofo.net.au/brainstorm *3 June- Manpower International Arts Festival, Rua Poço dos Negros, Lisboa Portugal http://www.manpowerfestival.com/ *12-28 April - Collaboration, Exhibition to celebrate 35 years of Fujian - Tasmania Sister State Relationship. Australian Fujian Society. Fujian Museum, China. ARTICLE HERE * EVILGOAT Live av Performance @ Grand Poobah, Hobart AUDIO HERE * HOBART 13 - 18 JAN 2016. FAUX MO Festival Club. NEW WORK COMMISSION. * HOBART AUGUST 21 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 NEW SOLO @ Penny Contemporary. * WAGGA WAGGA NSW -NOVEMBER 5 2016 - 12 FEB 2017 ROMANTIC CONCEPTUALISM @ WAGGA WAGGA ART GALLERY *BASEL JUNE 17-20 - TEXT WORK in ABSTRACT/EXT Book. Launch @ I NEVER READ http://www.ineverread.com/ * MAY - WASHINGTON DC, SPOKANE. LABORATORY COLLECTION Acquisition of new text work. Exhibition TBA. * MADRID 24/5/6 APRIL - TEXT WORK in ABSTRACT/EXT Launch @Libros Mutantes Book Fair 2015 project by David Quiles Guilló ORDER HERE * HOBART FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 1, 2015 ELECTRONA 7054 DIGITAL CULTURE FESTIVAL http://www.electrona7054.com/ * BANGKOK MARCH 5 CATHODE RAY MISSION CRM @ JAM 41 Soi Rong Nam Kang (Charoen Rat Soi 1), Sathorn. *FREE PUBLICATION* * Everything all at once now (and then some) * 56 pg book - texts by Victor Medrano-Bonilla, Olivia Kathigitis, interview w Andrew Harper. Published for Format ARI solo (AUS) and Speedy Grandma solo (BKK) *FREE PUBLICATION* * Romantic Conceptualism * 30 pg catalogue published for solo exhibition at Contemporary Art Tasmania essay by Victor Medrano-Bonilla, texts by Janssen Herr, Ede Strong and Dr. Colin Langridge 06.11.14 INTERVIEW - Scot Cotterell on Plain Air EDGE Radio 99.3 Hobart discussing his solo exhibition at Contemporary Art Tasmania, Romantic Conceptualism. 22.12.14 - FEATURE - The Small Hours on Future Music FM covering electronic sound works by Scot Cotterell 2002-14. Download HERE

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22.12.14 - FEATURE - The Small Hours on Future Music FM covering electronic sound works by Scot Cotterell 2002-14. Download HERE

@Matt_D_Warren // @FutureMusicFM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OCTOBER 2014 - NEW SOLO at Contemporary Art Tasmania

STORE - EAAON(ATS) BOOK 52pg b/w trade paperback / ebook






DONE 7 - 30 MAR 2014

Everything all at once now (and then some) Speedy Grandma Gallery BKK www.speedygrandma.com facebook.com/speedygrandma

NT> 13.12.13 TRADEMARKS, solo exhibition at Penny Contemporary, Hobart Tasmania. 01.11.13 The Wrong Digital Art Biennale, Homeostasis Lab Pavilion , .Net 31.10.13 Composed & Released Track for doomzine.net Halloween Edition w/ Andrew Harper DOWNLOAD ZIP 30.10.13 Published Review for FUSION Journal (UK/AUS) on 1980's Mixtape @ National Gallery of Victoria README, 27.10.13 Synth Improvisation @ Klapperstein, Le Placard Headphone Festival, MONA Barrel Room Schedule, Hobart. > 18.10.13 Zarathustra Improvisation Battle @ 3 3rds LISTEN, Hobart. 06.09.13 Everything all at once now (and then some), solo exhibition and performance @ FORMAT ARI 40 page catalog w/ texts by Olivia Kathigitis, Andrew Harper, Victor Manuel Bonilla-Medrano 05.09.13 University of South Australia, presentationUniSA 04.09.13 Interview on Radio Adelaide 101.5fmLISTEN 27.07.13 Sensory Overload, Gertrude Street Projection Festival Closing Party curated by Kate Geck, GSPF 13.07.13 Small Press Zine Fair, closing party - Taxonomy project w Pip Stafford. Small Press 28.06.13 Evil Goat suppt. M.O.I.O Album Launch, Brisbane Hotel. Limited edition cd 'Expired Chant' produced for launch. M.O.I.O 02.05.13 Edge Radio.org Futuristic and Free feature of SC audio work. 40 minute set. HERE FOR DLOAD/LISTEN MAY 2013 Exhibition - Wyndham Cultural Centre - FLICKER - http://wyncc.com.au/ APR 11, 2013 Federation Square Big Screen, 120 Seconds - Adele Varcoe, Amelia Johannes, Anon, Antti Leppänen, Arlo Mountford, Bonnie Lane, Brendan Lee, Bridget Walker, Brie Trenerry, Danielle Freakley, David Anthony Sant, Dong Jing, Electronic Migration Panel, Emma Hamilton, Evangeline Cachinero, Georgie Mattingley, Georgie Roxby Smith, Gianni Wise, Goran Tomic, Guo Hao, Hamishi, Hayley Brandon, Hayley West, Hugo Egan, Inez de Vega, Jani Ruscica & Sini Pelkki, Jenny Mai Hall, Jessie Scott, Joseph Flynn, Kieran Boland, Kieran Mangan & Geoffrey Ricardo, Kit Wise, Kotoe Ishii, Masonik, Mia Salsjo, Michael Meneghetti, Mina Young, Nicola Page, Nikki Lam, Pabi Chulo, Paulo Ahumada Rovai, Pierre Proske, Pip Ryan, Robin Hely, Scot Cotterell, Simon Finn, Simon Pericich, Stephen Haley, Tony David Woods and Troy Innocent. www.artbox.net.au Artbox is the world’s first portable video art player, curating exclusive artworks from around the world to your private and public art spaces. MAR 2013 Exhibition - Standing Piece @ Brunswick St Gallery, Video Space - Melb. FEB 2013 Media - WARP MAGAZINE TAS FEB 2013 Media - BABES AT THE MUSEUM Blog MAR 8- 24. 2013 'Standing Piece' @ Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne, Video Space. 16-20 JAN 2013 MOFO www.mofo.net.au Rare Live No-Input set Saturday night on the Main Stage Check program details 06 DEC 2012 new TRIAD recordings - Matt Warren and Scot Cotterell in Hobart, Aus, Tom Hall in Los Angeles, USA - http://www.myspace.com/triadaustralia 1 NOV 2012 Confirmed no-input performance, MONA FOMA festival main stage. dates/times TBC. full line-up announced december. 21 OCT 2012 Finished audio bed commission for poauw!, matt ward's futurist opera for mofo - listed under commissions section. 4 OCT 2012 We Are Here Symposium, Sydney 2011. Book released. wrote brief report for the publication. 22 SEPT 2012 The Nightmare Harvest Program, Milk of Magnesia (vic) presented by the Rat Palace and Grand Poobah P.U.G. Bill Buckley, Lincoln Walker, Danae Valenza & Simon Mcguinness, Kent Getsinuen, J.R. Payne, Jonathon Nokes, Tom O'Hern, Scot Cotterell, Rob O Connor, Andrew Harper, Simon Gardam, Rhen Dodd, Andrew Husthwaite. 21 SEPT 2012Regret is for Chemists Paradise Hills, Melb. w Jacob Leary, Rob O'Connor, Joel Crosswell, Callum O'Donoghue, Tom O'Hern 27 JULY 2012 FOREPLAY - Michael Schlitz, Lucia Usmiani, Scot Cotterell, Izabela Pluta, Amanda Davies - curators Geoff Parr and Lucy Bleach. Plimsoll Gallery, UTAS, Hobart Taxonomy project interview - ISLET MAGAZINE audio here and here 3-13 JULY 2012 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT National Gallery Of Australia. Gordon Darling Foundation. SODA Magazine feature artist -

JUNE 2012- Taxonomy @ Establishment, CAST Gallery,CAST collab. w Pip Stafford. MAY 2012 Alice Prize short-listed for 2012 Alice Acquisitive Prize. Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs. MAY 25 - 16 JUNE 2012 - 'Chance' curated by Victor Medrano @ SAWTOOTH ARI , June 2012 w Claire Krouzecky, Judith Abell, Kevin Leong, Amanda Shone, Jacob Leary, Sara Maher and Scot Cotterell. MAY 19 2012 BOOK LAUNCH PARTY 6pm Saturday 19th May 2012 The rest is silence with performances by Morgan Fayle, The infinite Decimals and other special guests and surprises. http://www.deathbekind.com MAY/JUNE SODA Magazine,featured artist. http://www.sodamagazine.com.au/ PURCHASE - 4 Catalogues from castgallery.org feat. Scot Cotterell - Shotgun 2010, Conceptual, Stigma Research Laboratory and Your Call is Important to Us $ 10 AUD ea - http://www.castgallery.org/catalogues THE REST IS SILENCE DEATH BE KIND, 80 pg Full Colour, Hard Cover - edition of 250, Essays by Helen MacDonald, Christine Schmidt, David McInnis & Helen Hughes and Jess Kelly. $ 80 aud + post, http://www.deathbekind.com/book_order.html MEDIA The Examiner article on 'Chance' @ Sawtooth ARI, 26.05.12. Hold onto the Rail blog/review of Antipodean Ruido CD Launch Island Magazine feature article on The Rat Palace Studio Pirate Radio (and other hauntologies) - featured in the Advocate Newspaper APR 12 2012- Spheres Album Launch w/ M.O.I.O & Evil Goat @ INFLIGHT - Friday March 30.cd launch 'antipodean ruido' - Evil Goat live w/ Spheres, Oceans, Untermorast and Cycle. @ MoMa Market - 4 pm Sat 25 Feb - Solo No-Input Set. 13 JAN 2012 EVIL GOAT - Live @ Sound Klub V. 2012 07-14 DEC 2011- Convergence Lab - UTAS Tasmania, 09 DEC 2011 - CAST 18th Birthday Party - live a/v commission. 08 NOV - 11 DEC 2011 - The Rest is Silence - Death Be Kind, Melbourne. 100 artists/publication. http://www.deathbekind.com/ 05 - 23 OCT 2011- Best Show! - FELT Space - Adelaide, South Australia. 10 SEPT 2011 - If I had more bullets i'd have taken Warhol with me - The Rat Palace, Hobart. http://theratpalace.tumblr.com 01-05 SEPT 2011 - We Are Here (WAH) International Symposium for Artist Run Initiatives. NAVA. Sydney. 24 AUG 2011- suppt. Mick Harris @ Brisbane Hotel. 09 JULY 2011 - M.0.1.0 - Hobart 2011 CD Launch show. presenting EVIL GOAT project w/ Thrall and Cycle. JUN 2011 - PIRATE RADIO (and other hauntologies) - 2-man show - details to follow. 20 APR 2011 - Interview for Islet On-Line Magazine for Taxonomy. 09 APR 2011<- Taxonomy Store @ Silverback Funeral One Day Shop - Hobart. 05 APR 2011 - Taxonomy Publishing book launch - http://taxonomylab.tumblr.com. 12 MAR 2011 PANOPLY @ SAWTOOTH ARI. 160 Cimitiere St, Launceston. Invited artists from: Death Be Kind (Melb), Inflight ARI (Hob), Sawtooth ARI (Laun), Six_a ARI (Hob). 11 MAR 2011 The Urge to Appropriate : Appropriation and hybrid studio practice. MFA Examination Submission. Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania. Opening 5.30pm Friday 11 Mar. 12-5pm 12-13 March. 5 FEB 2011- DUO @ DRG - LIVE AUDIO IMPROVISATION collaborative sound improv supporting Axxonn's New Weird Australia 2011 Tour 4 FEB 2011 - DUO @ SAC - LIVE AUDIO IMPROVISATION. 28 JAN 2011 - (Tasmania Is an Anagram of) I AM SATAN @ HELL Gallery - INSTALLATION - exhibition exchange through Inflight and HELL. 23 JAN 2011 - EVIL GOAT @ MONA OPENING - LIVE AUDIO PERFORMANCE - collaboration with artist Andrew Harper. 17-20 2011 JAN - CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT 'INSTILL' for HyPE @ SAC - SOUND DESIGN - Invited sound design collaborator for Jason James' Instill project. 14 JAN 2011 - RENEGADES OF DUB - LIVE SET -presenting the Duv Bulture project live set at R.O.D's Sneaky Sessions.