30.10.13 Published Review for FUSION Journal (UK/AUS) on 1980's Mixtape @ National Gallery of Victoria README

05.09.13 University of South Australia, presentation UniSA

04.09.13 Interview on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm LISTEN


VARIOUS MEDIA - video, reviews, interviews and mentions.

CAST CATALOGUES - 4 Catalogues from CAST Gallery projects. 2007 - 2010, incl. Your Call Is Important to Us, 2007. SRL (Stigma Research Laboratory) 2009. CONCEPTUAL, 2010. and SHOTGUN 2010.



FEB 2013 -

JUNE 2011 -

on ABC Tasmania for STL www.soundtolight.net


O.N.O Project 2 - Interview w co-founders Kate and Pip, 'making of' footage.


O.N.O Project 2 - media coverage on ABC on-line - 5 mins


Article by Andrew Harper in REAL TIME Magazine on MONA FOMA 2009 the inaugaural music and arts festival.

'Of the moment and about time!'


Article by Lucy Hawthorne in REAL TIME Magazine on 'Thanks for Having Us', Six_a ARI, 2007.

'art when it's at home'


profile on Performance Space site for TPS 5


on Tumblr - tumblelog


Hello, This is Nadia
- a couple of beautiful photographs from O.N.O 1 by Nadiah Abdulrahim


GEEKGIRL Blog - a mention here on rosiex's blog
Cyclic Defrost.com MEDIA">Cyclic Defrost.com - Reviewer, 2006 - 5 articles


Article by Sue Moss in REAL TIME Magazine on 'Universal Theory of Everything', an a/v performance project i was part of.

'Thinking inside the square'


Article by Diana Klaosen in REAL TIME Magazine on Universal Theory of Everything 4.

'Impro Innovations'


SLIDESHOW - Posters, Publications, Flyers.







six_a ari sound events aug 2008 performing as part of TRIAD

SMBH Magazine. issue 2 /2009. IN:URL project featured.

Time and Space died Yesterday 2004 translocal performance w SisterO

REMOTE exhibition 2004 flyer guest writer for catalogue

Damo Suzuki 2009 Hobart Show Network member

Thanks for Having Us, 2008 Exhibition w Tristan Stowards

Artlink, Time issue Article by Phillip Watkins

Cyclic Defrost Magazine Interview w/ Broken Tiny

ArtMart Flyer 2008 curated by Hellavate

cover of cyclic defrost feat. interview w Broken Tiny

Damo Suzuki Network 2008 Hobart network member

Black Sunday 2010 Flyer performed w TRIAD and Evil Goat

/Encoding_Experience/_2008. Utas. exhibition w Nancy Mauro-Flude

Acrid 2008 Flyer. sound w M.Warren for Performance

Photofile, the Archive Issue Article by Phillip Watkins

First We Take Paris, 2007 Catalogue text for Jamin Solo Show

Amplified Festival Tas award nominee 2008

Inflight Sight and Sonic live event w Dj Olive

SMBH Magazine logo link

STL Sound To Light 2010 www.soundtolight.net

Lets Tear this f**king state apart  Amplified fest 2009

Thanks for having us 2008 six_a ari

Six_A ari Art Fete 2008 performance w Triad

SkypeDrone cd release WM Mag Womans Monthly Magazine

WM Magazine Cover feat. Skype Drone cd release

Your Call is Important to Us Catalogue Scan

TRIAD Aus Tour 2009 Brisbane Show

SMBH Magazine section IN:URL Project feat.

SMBH Magazine IN:URL project feat.

CMM Amplified 2009 No Input set and Improv

RUIDO 2009 Live Event Santiago De Compostela, Spain

WEIRD HEAVY, 99.3 EDGE FM Guest presenter 2010

Six_A Ari, 2009 Apmilifed Showcase performance w Andrew Harper