A Forest Fire creates a cloud out of which rain may fall to put it out, 2012.
Installed environment.

Video element, Sound element, made and found imagery, paper, canvas, linen, ink, oil, acrylic, resin and plastic.

Made for FOREPLAY, curated by Lucy Bleach and Geoff Parr. Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania.


A history of images
A synthetic cumulative construction
A series of studies for a larger work about something else entirely

The studio as a locus of life and death energy.
The studio as ever-unfinished environment.
The studio as magnet for things.
The studio as container of failure and potential.
The studio as mirror, reflection, projection.

Object studies of formation and synthesis.
Ad paintings of memory, nostalgia, sales and purchase.
Flyers and advert drawings of information abundance, obscure data, trivia.
Made marks. Collected Imagery. Editing. The inanimate. The time-based.
Walls of studies. A moving image. A cyclic sound.


Publication - FOREPLAY, Catalogue Essay by Geoff Parr, Design Sarah Foley. 28pg colour a5.
ISBN - 978-1-86295-665-0

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