IN:URL 2010


An observation of a flaw, or a loop -hole in a system in the form of a Google-hack:
the in:url script brings up masses of public and non-public web-cameras due to the similarity of a factory-set file-name extension.

Interestingly, the majority of cameras I have viewed regardless of time of viewing seem to be largely devoid of human life and I find it intriguing that cumulatively, as a surveillance oriented society, we have 'angled our cameras' ,literally and metaphorically to these spaces.

An image chosen from the collection was then sent to a Chinese painting factory, to be re-produced. This painting sits alongside a print of the original still image.

A selection from the collection was published in the international photography magazine SMBH as photographs 'by' Scot Cotterell.

Original still captured from webcam published output of still as photog published output factory painted version of still