NO INPUT  / Live audio performance.

GEAR: 2 x Tapco 4 Channel Audio Mixers, Patch Leads, Video Camera. OR -1 x Quantum 16 Channel / 1 x Yamaha 8 Channel + 2 Tapco

'no input' is a form of sound involving mixer feedback. Outputs taken from an audio mixer are fed back into the inputs of the same mixer, creating a contained semi-controllable feedback system. Strictly speaking, there is an 'input', it is the mixer itself. Each different model and make of mixer exhibits unique sound characteristics and depending on the complexity of the mixer and patch, virtually 'unlearnable' instruments can arise. The performance consists of a close-up camera that follows the performers hand gestures and projects the output into the performance space. This visual focus allows an insight into the precision and dexterity involved in controlling the system linking machinic and limbic traits.
Live No Input set from Scot Cotterell at SOUNDKLUB 11 Hobart Tasmania 2014

MOFO 2013 - Princess Wharf 1, Hobart AUS -
MOFO 2013 - Princess Wharf 1, Hobart AUS -

Guilford Lane Gallery, 'The Wednesday Project', curator Tom Hall. <
screen details - a small camera mounted on table allows audience to view minute hand movements and control of buttons. Duration - 10 - 60 mins.PERFORMANCE HISTORY

- Trout bar, Hobart TAS 2008
- Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne, AUS 2009
- RUIDO 8, DF Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago De Compostela, SP 2010
- Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, Open Day, AUS 2011
- MONA Markets, Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, AUS 2011 
- MOFO 2013 - Princess Wharf 1, AUS.

Open Day, University of Tasmania.