Exhibition and One Day Mini Fest.

Exhibition Text -

Evil Goat is a conceptual art project.
Evil Goat is a sound performance engine, and it is probably a band,
though it has little to do with the traditions of bands or music,
although it does rip them off shamelessly. Goats eat anything.
Evil Goat is, in essence, analogous of the Lovecraftian horror, the

Shoggoths are artificially-gestated organic machinery, with
alien intelligence, that shift form and are dangerous and puzzling for
the uninitiated. Shoggoths are also fictional, as is Evil Goat, although
the Goat is also something that exists in a space between comfortable
This is an exhibition about a sound project that is an art project about
sound cultures.

SIXPOINTSIXSIX Years is roughly how long the two entities artists Found
Object and Blakevella Mourningcloth, have been riding the Goat, and it’s
manifestations have changed with each event.
This exhibition was always implied by the Goat’s progress: it shifts form
and leaves traces. Eventually the traces themselves became substantial
enough to have formal expedience and become demanding of use.
You are looking at those traces.
Evil Goat has plenty of ideas, and is made from leftovers, and is a
collaboration, and is contradictory, comedic, and nihilistic.
You are listening to those leftovers.
It’s a parody of underground cultures and an examination of how much
undergrounds need an overground to manifest some kind of rebellion,
whilst being deeply conservative. It is a joyful exploration of
collaboration and ideas. It is the edges elevated to the status of
culture with the intent to satirise both ends and satisfy neither.