digital photographs, custom case, engraved plaque.

featured solo at INFLIGHT Artist run initiative and in Sex and the City, Bus Gallery.

covered in Photofile magazine Archive Issue by Philip Watkins.

'The Life-death oppositional comprises the residue of two separate google image searches using the terms ‘life’ and ‘death’ as provocations.Partly as a response to recent realist photography, but also to do with setting parameters within a system in order to facilitate the creation of art; a kind of improvisatory structure, I conducted the two searches and chose only images that were photographic and only images that appeared in someway posed or constructed. The connection of photography to visual truth of an actual event is a core interest in this work.The images used now exist beyond the camera that may have created them; they are searchable database items, files on a cd, and now digital prints. I have retained no record of their origin.' -quote from catalogue text

The Life Death oppositional is an edition of 10. each edition contains 50 photographic images on fuji crystal archive paper, wrapped in felt and contained in an enamel painted black wooden box with engraved plaque.