The Urge to Appropriate: Internalising appropriation through hybrid studio practice.

Scot Cotterell. MFA Examination Exhibition.


This project aims to engage the strategic concealment of appropriation strategies within a
responsive cross-media based art practice. Its purpose is to investigate the use and effect of
appropriation strategies using a range of media to produce a series of installed e
nvironments. The
cumulative effect of the work aims to submerge the audience into an experience of referential
excess. This overload suggests either a resignation into that excess or
a potential untangling of an
idiosyncratic authorial system.


Plimsoll Gallery. University of Tasmania. Centre for the Arts.

Opening Fri 11 Mar 5.30pm.
open 12-5pm 12/13 Mar 2011.


Horror Victorianum Standing Piece Installation detail Beef detail Free Tattoo detail 20 Deaths that are(n Free Tattoo detail Beef storeroom detail