Echo Chamber, 2003
electronics, performance, sound


Echo Chamber is a modular interactive sound system designed for installation and performance. Echo Chamber consists of four electret microphones modules and a contact microphone, a four channel mixer and a digitech rp-6 effects processor running a dual delay/reverb patch with live processing.

The system was primarily designed for MD/SM installation in Kelly's Garden, Salamanca, Hobart. in which three mics were located on the ground, one in a tree and the conact mic: capable of picking up vibrations was attached to a four-flight steel this way the organic sounds within the space were mixed with the sounds of habitation and the transference of energy from the stairwell mic all became part of an evolving soundscape over which no one particualr person had complete control.

My role during the installation was live processing, manipulating the sound state, and interacting with the input devices occasionally to engage users.

Since then the system has been integrated into a performance context at Blink Improvisation Laboratory with Live processing by me and Navigation of the system by Ede Strong.

The system is relatively 'open' to evolution as the digitech patch stays in edit mode constantly making real-time patch changes possible and the amount of microphones/input devices is only limited by the amount of channels on a mixer.

Echo Chamber system diagram 	Ellen caught in contrast crossfire